Todor Marinov is born in Vratza in 1974. He lives and works in Sofia. He completed the National art school for fine arts in Sofia in 1993 and National art academy in 1998.

During the years the artist Todor Marinov succeeded to develop own creative individuality and he focus his talent in two main directions – figured compositions and landscapes. During the last years an important part of his work is the creation of authors artistic relief mural paintings.

The unique figured compositions 

The creative searches of the artist bring him in the world of the naive art – direction which build his outline of original author with unique paintings. Unique pictures are his carol-singers, mummers, fire- dancers, the ordinary man from the Bulgarian village seized in some of the most cherished episodes of his life. Thus, on the paintings of Todor Marinov revive the Bulgarian marriages and folklore customs, the Bulgarian traditions reputable from generations. 

He is excited from the nature, the people, the animals, the Bulgarian manner and culture interpreted with funny comic characters. We can see in his naive-art pictures one beautiful pastoral past, filled with warm, harmony and sense to the rich spirit of the Bulgarian people. 

Undivided part of the pictures of Todor Marinov are the domestic animals – ships, cows, hens, donkeys, pigs, goats which supplement the idyllic picture of the Bulgarian village from the near past. 

His paintings load the people with goodness and positive energy, bring us in one harmonious cozy world, calm and bliss and they send a message for love to the life and the humans. 

The landscapes – the small jewel

An essential accent in the creative work of the author are the landscapes inspired from the beautiful nature. Each painting is а small jewel. Abstract and naturalistic paintings engage with many colors masterly catched from the brush of Todor Marinov. 

Unique relief mural paintings 

This is another aspect from the creative work of Todor Marinov who works more than 10 years in the field of the mural paintings in partnership with the artist Zdravko Ganovsky. Both artists create together authors relief mural paintings as contemporary internal and external solutions. The result is individually created mural painting with project with relief technics.

Without borders

Todor Marinov with genuine talent and unique creative swing makes happy his fans all over the world. His pictures are ownership of private collectors not only in Bulgaria. Paintings of Todor Marinov are ownership of connoisseurs from Europe, USA, Japan and China. 

From 1998 till today Todor Marinov has many individual exhibitions – in Bulgaria and abroad. 

His partners during the years are: Sofia city art gallery, Sofia philharmonic orchestra, University Climent Ohridsky, gallery Agora, gallery Romfea, gallery Ikar, European cultural center – Ruse, National gallery of Montenegro, Bulgarian cultural institute – Berlin, gallery Gutman – Berlin and many others.

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